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租房宝(RentBee.ca)简介 租房宝(RentBee.ca), 成立于2007年,总部位于加拿大多伦多。是以数据驱动的全价值链 房产服务平台。提供加拿大 各大城市 物业买卖投资, 长租/短租房, 一体化物业管理, 旅居房产等房产交易服务,并拥有业内独有的房屋 数据、人群数据、交易数据,以数据技术驱动服务品质及行业效率的提升。

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Tenant Placement/寻找安排 租客

We offer an end to end platform where we market and show your property, process credit/reference checks, draft leases, and coordinate move-ins.

我们提供 端到端平台,用于营销和展示您的房产, 处理 信用/推荐审查,草稿租赁合同和协调入住.

Repairs & Maintenance/维修与维护

All maintenance and requests are handled by our team of contractors, where we coordinate all the work to be done.

所有维护和请求 均由我们的承包商团队处理,我们协调所有要完成的工作。

Tenant Relations/租客关系

Optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

优化的流程,可完全 自定义并提供无与伦比的 快速结果。

Legal Management/法律管理

We offer up to $50,000 in rent protection and up to $50,000 in damage protection. If an eviction is required, we'll manage the entire process for you.

我们将提供高达 $50,000的租金保护和高达$50,000的损害保护。如果需要驱逐,我们将为您管理整个流程(需要房东正式注册 我们会跟保险公司谈)

Online Owner Portal/在线房主管理平台

Stay up to date with real time financial statements and inspection reports, given to you monthly and annually.


Tax Solutions/会计解决方案

With clients coming from 30 different countries, we take care of tax form filing and remitting monthly taxes to the CRA, including filing NR4 and NR6 forms.


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